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Rental Property Loans For Investors

Whether you are optimizing your current portfolio or are looking to grow and expand, Solve My Loan has the lineup of rental property loans you need and want…

We were founded by experienced investors for front line operators who need an investor friendly funding partner who gets their challenges and needs. was designed to bring together all the good efficiency of technology, but with real common sense loan underwriting and decisions.

In addition to fix and flip loans for rehabbers we also offer an attractive lineup of rental property loans for your strategy and next deals.

Rental Property Purchase Loans

Solve My Loan offers loans for purchasing individual 1-4 unit properties, multifamily apartments, and bridge loans for releasing captive equity in existing portfolio assets in the form of blanket mortgages so that you can act as a cash buyer in the market.

New Construction

When it makes more sense to build your own income property inventory we offer 18 month construction loans at up to 80% LTC.

Multifamily Value Add Investments

If you are acquiring a multifamily apartment building which doesn’t meet traditional lenders requirements for performance, we offer short term funding solutions to make improvements and stabilize market rate rents so that you can restructure your debt and cash flow with the most attractive low rate long term financing.


Whether it is recapitalizing by accessing pent up equity, funding improvements or just optimizing for cash flow and yields, we can provide the funds you need to get the most out of your assets and portfolio.

Rental Property Loan Terms

We are consistently expanding our loan offerings to meet the needs of investors. We currently provide very competitive loan terms including 5/1 and 7/1 ARMs and 30 year fixed rate, fully amortizing rental property mortgages.

Features To Love

Just some of the great rental property loan features you’ll love here include:

  • Low interest rates

  • Up to $500,000 cash out

  • Lending to individual and corporate borrowers

  • No hard credit pulls

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can help fund your deal...

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